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Susan Park Rani has been appointed as one of Gov. Mark Dayton’s four delegates to the eight-member Destination Medical Center board, which will oversee the state’s largest-ever economic development project.

The board is responsible for deciding how best to use the state’s $455 million investment in the greater Rochester area – an investment that is expected to leverage an estimated $5.6 billion in local and private investment over the next 20 years. The project is also expected to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure the state’s competitive position as an international hub for health care and medical advancement.

In making his appointments, Dayton said, “Knowing the great importance and lasting significance of this initiative, I have selected well-respected, effective leaders with proven records of success; people who can see the big picture, and then actualize it. The men and women I have asked to take on this important work are as excited as I am by this tremendous opportunity, and are strongly committed to its success.”