About Us

At Rani Engineering, we dedicate ourselves to finding innovative solutions for our clients. We help our partners and clients by focusing on teamwork and building relationships.

Our team is compromised of engineers and surveyors who have professional registrations or certification in their field.

Our project managers keep clients informed throughout the life of each project, and in doing so, minimize the impact of unforeseen issues that may occur during a project.  Rani provides detailed task orders that include task descriptions and associated deliverables to ensure that expectations will be met at project completion.

Responding to requests that have a short notice are nothing new to Rani.  We have experienced this time and time again with clients from both the public and private sectors, whether it was working weekends or just working late to help project partners meet milestones along the critical path.

As this type of situation is sometimes expected, we do not lose sight of the overall goal – to ensure coordination with the owner takes place and at the same time, maintain thoughtful planning and good communication to mitigate fire drills for a successful product.