Client: City of Minneapolis

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Metro Transit redeveloped their Heywood Campus in Minneapolis, including the Police Department Headquarters building expansion and constructing an additional bus garage. To provide additional parking, two lots adjacent to the Transit Control Center (TCC) were purchased to construct a parking lot.

Metro Transit tasked Rani to redesign the current TCC parking lot and expand it into the adjacent properties with the goal of 200 additional stalls. It was requested that the parking lot have a minimal maintenance stormwater BMP to treat the new runoff. Due to highly contaminated soils infiltration was not allowed and all excavated material had to be disposed of offsite. To maximize the area for parking an underground stormwater storage chamber was designed to treat stormwater runoff and provide rate control.


Rani designed and produced plans, specifications and a cost estimate for the bituminous parking lot and an underground storage chamber.

Professional services included:

  • Providing topographic survey and an ALTA of the TCC building and the adjacent 2 lots to be acquired
  • Parking lot design to maximum the number of stalls within site constraints while meeting ADA requirements
  • Designing stormwater treatment systems to meet MPCA standards while minimizing the footprint and maintenance requirements
  • Designing underground storage and treatment chamber for stormwater runoff
  • Coordinating with the city of Minneapolis for Preliminary Development Review (PDR) process and approval.
  • Preparing stormwater management plan for submission to MPCA for permit compliance
  • Preparing construction plans, specifications and engineer’s cost estimate