Client: Department of the Army – MICC Fort McCoy

Location: Fort McCoy, WI


The 1950s-era West Silver Dam located 2.6 miles upstream of the La Crosse River along Silver Creek, a Class 1 trout stream, was found to be in intermediate stages of failure by a 2009 Army Corps of Engineers inspection. The Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works (DPW) previously tasked Rani with developing and accessing options for removing the dam, conducting a Federal Environmental Assessment (EA) and developing a concept design.

Rani was contracted to bring the concept design to final construction, developing a complete set of design plans, specifications, construction cost estimate and obtain all necessary permitting. The dam removal connected the upper and lower stream segments, maintaining stream grade control and a consistent slope through the impoundment with a new meandering channel, significantly improved fish passage, minimized habitat loss and re-establish a two-stage channel to reconnect the floodway to the stream.


Rani Engineering prepared final design documents for removal of West Silver Dam.

Professional services included:

  • Topographic survey
  • Coordinating geotechnical investigation
  • Develop final design plans, specifications and construction cost estimate
  • Final design including 850 LF of stream restoration within the impoundment area and construction of 500 LF of new stream channel
  • Stream stabilization techniques and habitat enhancements including a floodplain pool, LUNKERS, toe wood/root wad assemblies, rock and roll log structures, live stakes, and geocell embankment stabilization.