Client: Ramsey County

Location: Ramsey County, Minnesota

Side view Ford Parkway Bridge


The Ford Parkway Bridge (Bridge #3575) over the Mississippi River, also known as the Intercity Bridge, provides an important connection between Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Originally constructed in 1927, the Ford Parkway Bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1973, the bridge was rehabilitated with updates in 2002 to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

The slopes of the Mississippi River on the underside of both embankments have seen significant erosion and the drainage systems have failed. Rani was appointed to correct the erosion on the east side of the river and the clogged outlet pipe for the bridge drainage.


Rani was responsible for correcting the drainage system failure by re-routing bridge runoff to the Woodland Avenue stormwater tunnel; along with designing the river embankment protection underneath the Ford Parkway Bridge and two City of Saint Paul stormwater outfalls.

Professional services included:

  • Providing topographic survey of Ford Parkway Bridge, Mississippi River Boulevard, and the Mississippi River embankment. These three surfaces are located directly on top of one another, making the CAD surfaces particularly difficult to work with.
  • Completing a hydraulic study to analyze the existing drainage in the project area. The hydraulic study allowed Rani to develop possible solutions for both the drainage and erosion control issues. The best options were presented to the project stakeholders to identify pros and cons for each and to choose a specific solution.
  • Preparing construction plans, specifications and engineer’s cost estimate for storm sewer, riprap embankment protection, and gabions at stormwater outfalls.
  • Completing a MnDOT Hydraulics Memo with the analysis and findings of the selected alternatives.
  • Engineers, and the Capital Region Watershed District.
  • Coordinating a mussel survey and contaminated materials testing.
  • A structural analysis was performed by sub consultant resulting in the use of cast in place concrete, sheet piling and permeation injection of polyurethane grout walls.