U of M – Old Main Utility Building

U of M – Old Main Utility Building

 Site Development

The University of Minnesota is in the process of upgrading and improving the existing campus power plant. Rani Engineering is responsible for the complete site design of this project.

Abundant existing utilities throughout the entire project site make utility design, relocation, and coordination a crucial task in this project. A large grade change from the top of the bluff down to the site make access to the site challenging and a variety of driveway options were investigated.  Retaining walls of up to 40’ in height are being designed to help maximize the space required for the power plant.

Rani Engineering services included:

  • Provided client with multiple options for driveways and site access, which was complicated by the extreme grade changes on site.
  • Complete topographic survey.
  • Extensive research of the numerous existing utilities on site.
  • Coordination of geotechnical engineering.
  • Opinions on probable cost of construction.
  • Final site design including new driveways and parking areas, stormwater management, utilities, and grading.
  • Design of retaining walls, up to a peak height of 40’.
  • Coordination of geotechnical and testing work involved with soils corrections and hazardous material testing and abatement for asbestos, mercury, and coal dust