Trunk Highway 21

MnDOT requested preparation of final plans, special provisions, and associated tasks for a one mile pavement maintenance project on T.H. 21 from Mill Street in the City of Jordan to the junction of T.H. 169 (including ramps) in Sand Creek Township. The intersection of T.H. 2l and T.H. 282, within this segment, was just recently constructed in 2009 and is an exception area. This project includes bituminous mill and overlay, American disabilities Act (ADA) improvements including possible bump-out construction, drainage structure repair, signing, striping, transportation Management Plan, and other enhancements.

Rani Engineering provided design-level topographic survey at intersections within the city limits. Rani also provided subsurface utility engineering (SUE) field work to support Quality Levels A to D (per ANSI standards).  Existing MnDOT CAD drawings and additional survey information were combined to provide an accurate existing condition MicroStation CAD file. A detailed design of bump outs at intersections within the city limits were designed by Rani’s engineering staff using MnDOT design standards.  A detailed survey of manholes and catch basins by Rani’s surveyors identified structures that needed restoration; Rani’s engineer’s analyzed the data and provided plans and specifications for restoration.

Rani Engineering services included:

  • Surveying topographic features of intersections on TH21 in the city of Jordan.
  • Combining additional topographic information and utility base maps with existing MnDOT files.
  • Analyzing manhole and catch basin information collected by surveyors.
  • Designing bump outs at intesections, adjusted drainage and catch basins as necessary.
  • Providing plans and specifications for mill and overlay of TH21 through Jordan.
  • Designing drainage plan and profiles for catch basins needing relocation.
  • Preparing a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the project.
  • Managing the project, coordinating with MnDOT, directing sub-consultants providing traffic control plans, all to provide final design complying with MnDOT requirements on schedule and within budget.