East Metro Rail Study

East Metro Rail Study


Project Challenge

The East Metro area of the Twin Cities is critical in order to further develop passenger rail service for the region and country. Currently, freight rail lines are congested through the Roberts Street/Union Depot, Hoffman Junction and Westminster Junction area. Add extra volumes from projected growth and this significant crossroad for U.S. freight will be stretched beyond the breaking point. This study’s goal is to understand the existing limitations to the system for freight, both current and projected, as well as the additional scenarios of intercity Amtrak, high speed rail, and commuter passenger service into St. Paul’s Union Depot.

Once the system’s limitations are understood, options for additional capacity can be determined. In freight rail terms, increased average velocity equates to increased capacity. Increased average velocity can be achieved through both operational efficiency and with additional infrastructure. TranSystems’ project team will look system-wide at the origin and destination of freight and how that freight is moved through the East Metro area. A well-planned, long-range program will be developed for the area – a plan that looks at every aspect of freight and passenger movement.

Rani Engineering Solution

In this study, Rani will assist in collecting available aerial topographic and boundary information and in preparing base mapping for use by the project team. Rani will assemble the base mapping in a way that will allow for ready addition of utility, lidar scan, and field topography as that information is collected during the project.

Professional services include:

  • Contacting and negotiating release of GIS data from numerous cities and counties along the route
  • Converting and incorporating GIS datasets of various formats, coordinate systems, and software into usable basemaps
  • Coordinating with the railroad for entry to tracks for cross section survey work
  • Setting control and performing GPS surveys along the corridor. Also setting control for 3D Laser Scanning subconsultant to perform their scans