Rani Engineering has been expanding our capabilities in both the transit and freight rail markets as the nation has focused on alternatives to expanding roads and highways. We have worked on all of the light rail lines in Minneapolis-St. Paul; METRO Blue Line (Hiawatha), METRO Green Line (Central Corridor) and the METRO Green Line Extension (Southwest Corridor). We have worked extensively with Class I railroads, performing both surveying and engineering design. We understand rail projects from start to finish.

Our rail capabilities include:

Rail Signals Engineering

  • Freight rail signal wayside and highway crossing engineering design
  • Freight and commuter rail Positive Train Control (PTC) upgrades
  • Transit train control and communications systems design and in-service testing

Civil Engineering

  • Track design
  • Utility design
  • Stormwater management
  • Structural retaining wall design

Land Surveying

  • Design Surveys
  • Boundary and Right of Way Surveys
  • Construction Staking (alignment layout)

Read more about how the following services support our projects in these markets:

Civil Engineering Services
Land Surveying Services
Rail Signals Engineering Service